Károly LÉDERER (PhD)

Managing Director

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

He is Managing Director of Transinvest Ltd. since 1982, where besides numerous international large scale projects, he was directly involved in the execution of M1, M5, M6 Motorways, which were major steps in the development of the Hungarian road infrastructure. In the period of 1993-98 he was the chairman of the First Hungarian Concession Motorway Co. He started his career with UVATERV State Design Office of Transport as Design Engineer and subsequently as Head of Design Department for Airports. He is Member of the Association for Transport Sciences, Hungarian Association of FIDIC Engineers and Chairman of its Supervisory Board. Mr. Léderer is International Dispute Adjudicator and member of the FIDIC Presidents List. He regularly publishes in the field of design and maintenance of airport pavements, load bearing capacity of concrete airport runways, highway concession in transit economies, public-private partnership (PPP), regional development and road network, construction contract administration and disputes. He was responsible for the renovation studies, official permit procedures and construction designs of several military airports (Taszár, Szentkirályszabadja, Kecskemét, Pápa, Tököl, Sármellék, Kunmadaras, Dunakeszi, Kalocsa, Börgönd), and he was the chief designer for the selection of sites and feasibility studies for civil airports (Pér, Miskolc-Arnót, Érsekcsanád, Tiaret/Algeria).

Director of International Activities

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

He is the Director of International Activities of Transinvest. He joined the company in 1982 as the first managers of the team. He started his carrier in the Gravel Mining Co. as production manager then he worked in UVATERV State Design Office of Transport as Design Engineer and subsequently as chief designer of road/railway bridges and different civil engineering structures. Among others he designed – with his team – some R.C. bridges for motorways, the one and two spans steel superstructures of the Budapest Árpád bridge crossing the Danube, the bridges of the Sfax-Tripoly railway line (Tunesia, Libia) tender drawings of Qena railway bridge crossing the rives Nile (Egypt), four navigation lock-gates on Noubariach canal (connecting Cairo to Alexandria), the steel structure of a regulator (Gussao water supply Nigeria) etc.

He was directly involved in some of the large scala projects of Transinvest like the design of valley R.C. arch bridge in Jordan, he was the project manager of the construction of two large diameter ( 3,2 m), 120 m long R.C. pipe made by no dig, pipe jacking technology under motorway junctions in Kuwait, he managed one of the most successful projects of Transinvest namely the introduction to the Hungarian motorway development strategy the private investor by being the consultant/partner of the French Transroute International Ltd (Egis project today) with whom jointly they won the concession tender to Build, Operate and Transfer the M1 motorway section between Győr and Hegyeshalom. He was the chairman of the board of directors of Magyar Transroute Ltd which company operated the above mentioned concession motorway section. He is member of the Hungarian Engineers Chamber of Commerce.

Márton HUSI

Commercial and Construction Director

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

He is Director of Construction and Commercial department. He joined the company in 1985 as a site project manager for different tasks of the World Bank financed road construction project in Mauritius. He started his carrier in the Pest Megyei KÉV as a site engineer in gas pipe construction and road construction work. Then he worked as a project engineer in Közületi Beruházó Vállalat. His job was to prepare various military investment projects.

His first job was in Transinvest as project manager of special duties in Mauritius. He was responsible for the geodetic survey existing main road of 72 km and the design work of reconstruction of 30 km main road, based on the tender drawings. Later in the frame of the implementation, of this road rehabilitation project, he managed the reconstruction of roads, water pipes and cable laying works.

Having been involved in Transinvest’s domestic activities like condition of special structures (Permacrib wooden made retaining wall etc.) , he participated international tenders. The improvement of Cyprus road network financed by the World Bank etc.) He has organized and manages the commercial and construction activities of the company.