Transinvest-Budapest Ltd. has professional experiences in the supervision for different infrastructure projects included constructions, or reconstructions of motorways, expressways, railways, bridges, city trains, tunnels and waste water management projects. More than 30 years Transinvest-Budapest Ltd is one of the leader engineering company in Hungary. We have experiences in projects financed by World Bank, European Investment Bank, European Union, or local organizations, and governments. Most of our experts and engineers have experiences in projects abroad, and most of them speak english and/or german, and/or russian. Transinvest-Budapest Ltd. also has experiences and references in projects implemented by FIDIC contracts. [More…]
Transinvest-Budapest Ltd. provides consultancy services in connection with infrastructure projects. The consultancy services also cover consultant activities in the public procurement period, and we can help for the Clients to make, and prepare Tender Documents, included tender designs, and Term of reference (ToR) based on FIDIC condition of contracts or based on any local type of contracts. During the project implementation Transinvest-Budapest Ltd. on the Clients’s side can provide checking and control services to help the Client to complete the project. The consultancy services cover training courses provided by us for different engineering fields of infrastructure projects. [More…]
Transinvest Budapest Ltd. has been starting the design activities for the past 10 years, mainly in the field of Feasibility Studies and Support Applications for the European Union, but in many cases we are also involved in the preparation of Designs for Approval and Construction Designs. The Feasibility studies cover road developments and railway developments, included studies for bridges and tunnels, and always include the Cost – Benefit Analysis for decision-making according to EU guidelines. In the design phase we cooperate with other specific designers and, if necessary, we involve specific advisors and consultant organizations (Budapest University of Technology, Collaboration Science Institute, etc.). [More…]
Transinvest-Budapest Ltd. in the last 15 years built up a Contract Management Team, and the members of the team are Certified FIDIC professionals, and leaded by Dr. Károly Léderer, who is International Dispute Adjudicator and the member of the FIDIC Presidents List. During the construction works Transinvest-Budapest Ltd. either on the Client’s or on the Contractor’s side can provide Contract Management services and help for the Client / Contractor to enforce the contractual rights and claims. [More…]